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Parents are required to complete all daycare registration forms at least one week before the 1st day of care.  The medical report, included in the registration packet, is mandatory and must be completed and signed by a physician. Parents will sing an agreement with the daycare that states the hours and cost of care.

Hours of operation

The daycare is open from 8:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday. You can schedule an early drop-off at 7:45am but you must notify the daycare in advance. There is a late pick-up fee of $10 for every 15 minutes after 6:00pm (paid in cash directly to the caregiver at pick-up). We provide part-time and full time care. Our part time daily schedule is divided in two 5-hours blocks. The first block is from 8:00am-1:00pm and the second block is from 1:00-6:00pm.


A one month deposit is required in cash upon registration. The daycare needs a two month cancelation notice in order to apply your deposit as the last month payment. You will be charged weekly and billed once a month. All payments are due the 29th of the month. If payment is not received in time you will be charged a $30 late fee. The daycare will also charge a $30 fee for bounced checks. If there is availability and room we can provide extra days/hours of care at 1.5 of your regular hourly rate. Any additional hours will be added to your monthly invoice. All missed hours, sick days and vacations will not be reimbursed and should be paid in full. Dinoking Daycare will schedule one or two transitional weeks before child starts his/her regular schedule. The transitional care fee is $14 per hour. Checks should be made payable to: DinoKing daycare LLC. All payments are non-refundable.


We provide music and baby yoga classes once a week.


Parents are responsible for supplying diapers, wipes, diaper rush ointment, sunscreen (for babies over 6 months of age) an extra set of clothes, blanket, bib, formula (if needed) and baby food. We will notify you when diapers and wipes are running out. Please label all your child's belongings and food. We will provide a nutritious hot meal for children eating solid foods. Our food is organic and natural. Please make sure to inform us of your child’s special dietary needs.

Health Policy

In accordance with the NYC health code all children must be current with immunizations and we must keep a copy of these immunizations in our files. Parents are responsible to update the child's medical records every year during the doctor's appointment after the child's birthday and inform the daycare about any health changes.

  • Please inform us by 8:30am if a child will not attend due to illness.

  • Children with a temperature above 100.5 will not be allowed in daycare

  • Parents are required to keep a child who is ill (has diarrhea, fever, vomiting, etc...) with any communicable disease at home in order to protect the other children attending daycare. If a child is found ill parents will be notified and the child will need to be picked up

  • Children need to be symptom free for 24hrs before they can rerun to daycare.

  • DinoKing daycare does not administer any medication.

  • If your child was diagnosed with the flu, conjunctivitis, chicken pox etc. you must inform the daycare immediately and the child will need a note from the doctor to be cleared to return to daycare. 

  • Parents are responsible to maintain all emergency contact information up to date.

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