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Our Staff

Arzu Ozge

Arzu Ozge was born in Kars, Turkey. She majored in accounting and worked as an accountant before moving to the US. After moving to the US she met her husband got married and had two children. Raising two children in New York proved to be a rewarding but difficult. In Turkey she would have had the support of her family and friends in taking care of her children but here she was all alone. She was touched by how difficult it was for mothers to return to work after maternity leave and wanted to figure out a way to make this transition easier for them. She did this by working in a daycare for seven years and providing the best care possible for their children. Arzu’s love, warmth and experience gives moms the greatest gift, the opportunity to focus on work knowing that their children are in great hands. 

Chemen Yemlu

Chemen was born and raised in the Anatolia region of Turkey. She was one of 11 children. She discovered her passion and gift for child care when she was a child herself, while helping to raise her many siblings. She continued to take care of others as an adult by becoming a certified nurse and worked as a nurse for six and half years before moving to the US. Her biggest challenge when she moved to the US was that she did not speak English well, thus she did not pursue a nursing career and started working in a daycare. She knew that even if her English was limited at the time her love and experience in taking care of children would shine through. She worked in a daycare for seven years during which time she managed to make all the parents and children adore her. Chemen is also a talented singer and has performed in venues around NYC and Brooklyn the past few years.

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